Terri Hendrix – Talk to a Human (2019)

Posted by Green on August 12, 2019as

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We are in the digital age. There has never been more easy and efficient ways to communicate. If this is the case, why is it so hard to reach somebody? To listen to one another? To celebrate our differences while simultaneously championing those that bring out the good in our society. “Talk to a Human” is my chance to dive in headfirst into all things that both inspire me and cause me to question the kindness in my own heart. Can I forgive the unforgivable? Can I rise from my own battles with my medical condition and the often times crippling side effects? Can I stay kind and empathetic in a political climate hell-bent on warping my sensibilities? Musically, we are unapologetically all over the map on this. Because the focus is not on the genre. It’s on what’s rooted in the heart.

Terri Hendrix

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