Terakaft – Discography

Posted by Green on March 24, 2020as


Terakaft (meaning “caravan” in Tamasheq) is a genuine desert rock band, sculpted by the pure searing air and the endless rolling sands of the Sahara. The stark, harsh conditions of the desert have permeated their wild riffs, and as a result they are the perfect embodiment of all that is wild and free in desert blues today. Terakaft was formed in 2001 with a line-up that included two former members of Tinariwen, and they have since made the electric guitar their own. Terakaft is a perfect mix of two rhythm guitars (one keeping the beat effortlessly, the other soaring and sweet) and the deep tones of the bass, resembling the delicate but strong steps of a camel making its way through the desert. The heavy, pulsating heartbeat of the percussion holds everyone together and completes the sound.

2008 Akh Issudar
2008 Ishumar Musique touarègue de résistance
2009 Live 2008
2012 Kel Tamasheq
2014 The Tapsit Years
2015 Alone
2017 Jaguar
2018 Aratan N Azawad
2018 Bismilla (The Bko Sessions)


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