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Wilder Adkins – Hope & Sorrow (2016)

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Leaning heavily into his folk and Americana roots while still embracing a wide array of instruments and textures, Wilder Adkins is proud to unveil his newest set of songs which is sure to be played in heavy rotation on your hi-fi stereos and boomboxes.

Wilder Adkins – Hope & Sorrow (2016)

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Raised in Marietta, GA but based now in Birmingham, Alabama, Wilder Adkins is a Southern boy with typical wit and twang matched with a profound sophistication. Though the new album maintains Adkins’ signature elements–like his quiet, shaky vocals and gentle instrumentals–overall, the tracks are more expertly produced and mature this time around. Growing up in a musical family and living and learning culture and identity in India for a while has its perks–Hope & Sorrow is the result of that.In twelve tracks, Adkins questions the value in heavy concepts like hope and trust by writing poetic lyrics, mastering guitar skills, and letting his gritty, versatile vocals tell stories on his tongue.

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