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Wild Billy Childish & The Spartan Dreggs – Tablets of Linear B (2013)

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01.Tablets of Linear B (intro)
02.Hills of Bredon
03.Lemonade Stand
04.The Ballad of Robert Walser
05.The Feuds and Fuss of Dancing Kings
06.The Sir John Hawkins Memorial Car Park
07.Garden of Gethsemane
08.Theseus in Knossos
09.Tablets of Linear B

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Wild Billy Childish & The Spartan Dreggs – Dreggradation (2012)

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wildHere be the Spartan Dreggs, Billy Chydish’s new ensemble. The Spartan Dreggs sank from the scum of the Vermin Poets — but kept the same line-up and similar songs. Once more Chydish drives from the back seat, playing tug-boat bass guitar. Wolf, of course, is playing the drum set and lead voice and guitar are supplied by the excellent Neil Palmer. Nurse Julie, with babe in arms, offers up harmony.
The Spartan Dreggs, as story has it, were left as newborns to die upon a wintry fen — then spirited away by the Gods to entertain the immortals, singing epics for the tired Muses to hum by death’s door. These hymns took on a life of their own, thereby raising the suspicion of Hermes, Athena and several other deities, that they might inspire humankind to invent their own stories beyond those dreamed up by the far-seeing Olympians. So The Spartan Dreggs were cast back into this earthen mold.

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Wild Billy Childish & The Spartan Dreggs – Coastal Command (2012)

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Tracks: 1. Punk Before Chips 2. A Shropshire Lad 3. So Spake the Wanderer 4. Eli the Baker 5. Punk Before Chips 6. Coastal Command 7. Transcending Utter Dreggredation 8. Radio Dreggs 9. We’ve Written Our Song mp3 320 kbps | 57 MB | UL