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Tokyo Rosenthal – Afterlife (2015)

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Tokyo Rosenthal has been entertaining folks in the Raleigh Durham area for years both as a singer songwriter and as the producer of a music variety show on radio stations all over. He is one of those folks that is constantly honing  his craft through live performance and gauging the reactions from the audience.Tokyo Rosenthal is back with another one of his brilliantly composed soundtracks to life on his new 10 track release,Afterlife.Rosenthal consistently delivers high quality true-to-life songs on each project. Cut from the same cloth as some of the top country-rock artists in the music business, Tokyo’s vocal performances contained on this new album are sure to impress any fan of country music.

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Tokyo Rosenthal – Tokyo’s Fifth (2012)

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toTokyo’s a man who writes about the things that make him curious or that affect him deeply and then, together with producer Chris Stamey, pulls together a sound for each song that might embrace folk, rock, country or whatever seems to fit. In a sense, the musical style doesn’t matter too much because Toke’s voice is so distinctive, with its ever-present nasal catch, that his presence pretty much dominates the arrangement. So, from the sweet and tender Tex-Mex sounds of The Immigrant, to the curiously hybrid sound of Smoke and Mirrors (that sounds like a reggae rhythm,allied to Spanish guitar and a silky smooth sophisticated rock outro; somehow, it all works together well) Tokyo’s voice is the peg from which it all hangs.He chucks in one cover version on this album, The Beatles’ Helter Skelter.Besides, Tokyo writes some really good songs himself.

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