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The Mavericks – Hey! It’s Christmas! (2018)

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in folk, pop

320 kbps | 72 MB | LINKS

The Mavericks – Brand New Day (2017)

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The Mavericks – All Night Live Volume 1 (2016)

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The Mavericks – Mono (2015)

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mp3 320 kbps | 104 MB | UL | UA | Country’s coolest, most versatile band, led by the silver-throated Raul Malo, returns with more country infused with elements of world music, rock, jazz and whatever else the group has decided to throw in.

The Mavericks – In Time (2013)

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The Mavericks are back after a seven-year hiatus with an album that sounds like it could have come from anytime since their founding in 1989, if not earlier. So the group titled the release In Time. Go figure. The music is far from ironic. The Mavericks sing and play as if time mattered—every second is […]