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The Handsome Family – Unseen [2CD] (2016)

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The Handsome Family – Through the Trees (1998)

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The Handsome Family – Odessa (1994)

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FLAC | 287 MB | TB | UL The debut album from the Alt-Country/Americana outfit. The Handsome Family were formed in 1993 by husband and wife duo Brett Sparks and Rennie Sparks along with drummer Mike Werner. The band, born and bred in Chicago before migrating to Albuquerque, play a unique blend of traditional Country, […]

The Handsome Family – Last Days of Wonder (2006)

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“There was mystery singing from everything,” says Brett Sparks on “White Lights”.  It’s a tender love song from the Handsome Family’s seventh studio album, Last Days of Wonder, that’s set, characteristically enough, within a graveyard beside a stripmall– a theme and place that should be recognizable to anyone familiar with the Handsome Family and their […]

The Handsome Family – Wilderness (2013)

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On Wilderness, The Handsome Family returns with a concept album about wildlife — each song is named for some creature or other — with an emphasis on nature’s capacity for destruction. In “Caterpillars,” a woman is struck by lightning and struggles to escape the unkind vibrations that haunt her. “” tells the story of the […]