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The Black Lillies – Stranger to Me (2018)

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The Black Lillies – Hard to Please (2015)

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The Black Lillies’ fourth album opens with a big surprise: a funky drumbeat and swampy guitar riff straight out of Memphis or New Orleans that turns into an extended R&B-style juke-joint jam, complete with blasting horn section. That song, the title track to the brand-new Hard to Please, is a dramatic departure from anything the band has released before, and it’s followed by several other unexpected forays into R&B, soul, and rock ’n’ roll—enough, in fact, to count the new album as a whole as a surprising turn, especially for a band at a pivotal point in its career.

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The Black Lillies – 100 Miles of Wreckage (2011)

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The Black Lillies turn this to their advantage on their second album, 100 Years of Wreckage, a stunningly crafted and often inspired tour through country, bluegrass, folk, blues, and soft rock that largely ignores genre distinction in favor of top-notch performances and understated professionalism. mp3 160 kbps | 62 MB | UL