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Roger McGuinn – Cardiff Rose (1976/2004)

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Roger McGuinn – Born to Rock & Roll (2013)

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ROFor his work with The Byrds Roger McGuinn will always be remembered as one of the founders of country rock. Their harmonies and particularly their use of the twelve string Rickenbacker guitar pretty much created a genre and numerous artists from Tom Petty downwards owe them a huge debt. Once they’d split though McGuinn didn’t seem to quite know what to do, and his uncertainty is reflected on this compilation of the best of his four Seventies CBS albums, after the last of which he would take a fourteen year break until “Back From Rio”.
Even the liner notes, which try to be sympathetic, acknowledge that none of this material represents McGuinn at his best. Of course there are still those trademark harmonies and jangle, and McGuinn’s voice is a thing of wonderful sweetness but when on “Cardiff Rose”, the last of the quartet, he cut Tom Petty’s “American Girl” you sense that he knew the game was up. The best things here are the big production number “Peace On You”, penned by Charlie Rich, the rocky “Lover Of The Bayou”, a late Byrds track re-recorded and the gently loping country rock “Bag Full Of Money”. Unfortunately there’s also McGuinn doing his best Dick van Dyke on “Jolly Roger” and the truly execrable white-boy reggae of “Lisa”, amongst others almost as poor. Not really even for completists.

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