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Peter Bruntnell – King Of Madrid (2019)

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Peter Bruntnell – Nos Da Comrade (2016)

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Country singer / songwriter Peter Bruntnell is a charismatic performer known for saying very little, but one with a strong presence. Rollicking alongside the trio combination of Crazy Horse, Bruntnell’s country-rock is much heavier than one would anticipate. He has a bizarre musical taste in his native southwest England, for country music isn’t necessarily favored, but Bruntnell does his own thing and has been since the early ’90s when his recording career began to take shape.

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Peter Bruntnell – Black Mountain U.F.O. (2011)

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Peter Bruntnell is one of those musicians I keep hearing great things about but hadn’t actually heard any of his music until this new album appeared.Working in his home studio has given him the time to build these songs with great care, frequently playing most of the instruments himself. There’s a gorgeous lushness to the […]

Peter Bruntnell – Ringo Woz Ere (2012)

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The latest album from Devon based singer/song- writer Peter Bruntnell, Ringo woz ere, following on from last years excellent Black Mountain UFO. The usual high standard expected of Mr Bruntnell is maintained, there are seven tracks co-written with Bill Ritchie including two great reworked versions of tracks that appeared on Black Mountain UFO, Maryanne and […]