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Otis Taylor – Fantasizing About Being Black (2017)

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Otis Taylor – Discography [12 Albums] (1997-2013)

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1997 – When Negroes Walked the Earth
2001 – White African
2001 – Respect The Dead
2003 – Truth Is Not Fiction
2004 – Double V
2005 – Below The Fold
2006 – Defintion of a Circle
2008 – Recapturing The Banjo
2009 – Pentatonic Wars And Love Songs
2010 – Clovis People Vol.3
2012 – Otis Taylor’s Contraband
2013 – My World Is Gone

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Otis Taylor – Hey Joe Opus Red Meat (2015)

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mp3 320 kbps | 110 MB | UL | UA | TB Otis Taylor’s fourteenth album presents a meticulously crafted collection of songs and instrumentals and is only akin to his preceding recordings in that the music again resists easy categorization. Blues and Folk elements are a key part of this, but Taylor’s cutting edge […]

Otis Taylor – Otis Taylor Collection (2014)

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Otis Taylor – Respect The Dead (2002)

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Taylor’s slightly hoarse, husky voice seems risen from the Delta mud. It’s a mighty instrument, whispering and wailing–sometimes, thanks to careful mixing, sounding like a ghost slipping through the cracks of time. And he’s an even better musician-arranger, whose command of slide guitar and effects makes for shivery peals that underpin the drama of his […]

Otis Taylor – My World Is Gone (2013) [Repost@320]

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Taylor’s style can best be defined as a cross between roots music and the blues. He has returned with his latest release, My World Is Gone. The focus of this songwriter’s newest album is the former and present trials and tribulations of Native American culture. His blunt tales and searing music explore the disappearing world […]

Otis Taylor – When Negroes Walked the Earth (1997)

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Otis Taylor earned acclaim in 2001 when his White African release got picked up for national distribution, but this previous disc could just as easily have been the one to bring him into the spotlight: It was every bit as deep, ambitious, and listenable as White African. Listening to the independently issued When Negroes Walked […]

Otis Taylor – Otis Taylor’s Contraband (2012)

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As charged with ritual significance and promise as the basic art form may be, it’s actually hard to find good modern blues records. Cheap production values with too many horns and rote shuffles clutter the landscape, and original voices are disappointingly scarce. But every now and then an album like Otis Taylor’s latest comes along […]