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Michael Martin Murphey – Austinology – Alleys of Austin (2018)

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Michael Martin Murphey – High Stakes: Cowboy Songs VII (2016)

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Michael Martin Murphey – Red River Drifter (2013)

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New release from the Country singer/songwriter.Murphey has been exploring the similarities between Bluegrass and American cowboy music. But for Red River Drifter, he brought in some very eclectic and unexpected elements to the writing process. ”I wrote songs that drew from what is inspiring me at this point in my life,” he says. ”Every style […]

Michael Martin Murphey – Cowboy Songs (1990)

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A “cosmic cowboy” in the country-rocking ’70s, Michael Martin Murphey revived his career as a cowboy traditionalist with this 1990 release. Mixing campfire chestnuts such as “Home on the Range, “I Ride an Old Paint,” and “Happy Trails” with contemporary hokum such as “Cowboy Logic,” the album returned the western to the music formerly known […]