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Mahogany Frog – In The Electric Universe (2021)

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Mahogany Frog – Senna (2012)

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With its sixth album and second release for Moonjune Records, this Canadian outfit once again imparts a steadfast approach to the modern rock idiom. Drawing influences from a boundless array of genres such as psychedelia, ’70s progressive rock, space rock and offbeat inferences to pop-rock, the unit at times demonstrates an unrelenting wall of sound. Featuring juiced-up crunch chords and hyper-pulses, the band fuses Sonic Youth-style noise guitar with tricky time signatures and delectably cheesy, ’60s-style organ grooves. A few of the glaring attributes of this band’s delivery are rooted within mechanical breakdowns and subtle melodic hooks, as they often break the sound barrier during the oscillating processes.

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