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Leeroy Stagger – Dystopian Weekends (2021)

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Leeroy Stagger – Strange Path (2019)

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Leeroy Stagger – Me And The Mountain (2019)

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Leeroy Stagger – Love Versus (2017)

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Leeroy Stagger – Dream It All Away (2015)

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Leeroy Stagger – Radiant Land (2012)

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On “Radiant Land”, Stagger’s subject matter remains solidly based in the human condition. While not abandoning his unique ability to give voice to the rebel kind, “Radiant Land” finds Stagger in a more reflective tone, offering light out of the darkness in the songs “Enough Love to Go Around” and “Message of Love” and a […]

Leeroy Stagger – Truth Be Sold (2013)

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The album was produced by Los Lobos member Steve Berlin at Mystery Machine Studios in Portland, OR. It includes brand new material, along with re-recorded songs from Stagger’s archives that were selected by Berlin. The results play out as a “journey through Stagger’s punk rock past and roots rock present” that includes fuzzy guitars and […]