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Keston Cobblers Club – Almost Home (2017)

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Keston Cobblers Club – One, For Words (2012)

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frontWhen we stumbled across the Keston Cobblers Club back in early 2010 we knew we had found a very special band whose brand of music as well as their vision was unlike any other at the time. Fast forward to 2012 they demonstrate more clearly than ever with their debut album ‘One, For Words‘ that they have honed that ambition into something quite beautiful that you can’t help but fall for on first listen…
Their sonic palette is part of the key, the rich fusion of brass, ukulele, guitar, accordion, percussion and all manner of instruments is another but that’s not all. They layer all of these sounds together with the purest harmonies whilst keeping a playful air that just sparkles and entices you in. Whether it’s that subtle banjo rythmn you get hooked onto in the background of ‘Pett Level’ or the opening brass on ‘Maybe You’ll Be Heard‘ which conjures up a colliery band from the north. Their arrangements are so damn clever you have to admire their creativity which goes beyond sound as they have demonstrated in their videos, animatons and even their hand made promo CDs are beautifully put together…they make Kirstie Allsopp’s vintage crafts look completely amateur!

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