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Jesse Winchester – Learn To Love It / Let The Rough Side Drag (2012)

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Jesse Winchester – Defying Gravity (2016)

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Jesse Winchester – Cafe Bijou Live (2015)

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Jesse Winchester – Live In San Francisco (2013)

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Jesse Winchester – A Reasonable Amount Of Trouble (2014)

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Jesse Winchester – Touch on the Rainy Side (1978)

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With American recording studios open to him for the first time, Jesse Winchester traveled to Nashville and enlisted producer Norbert Putnam, who assembled the elements of the Nashville sound, with its strings and horns and backup choruses, to make an album that moved him more toward lush country and especially R&B. Winchester’s flexible voice, capable […]

Jesse Winchester – Rough Ideas

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Rough Ideas is a collection of the original demo versions of a dozen songs. They were recorded in my home studio to be played for producers and artists looking for material. Thanks to a multi-track recorder and my gift for performing adequately on several instruments, I am accompanied by The Band of My Dreams: ten […]

Jesse Winchester – Learn To Love It (1974)

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As the title suggests, making a virtue of necessity had always been one of Jesse Winchester’s goals, and by the time of the release of his third album, the American expatriate had gone ahead and assumed Canadian citizenship. This seemed to free him to comment explicitly on his antiwar exile in “Pharaoh’s Army” and especially […]

Jesse Winchester – Talk Memphis (1981)

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Having rushed to make Nothing but a Breeze and A Touch on the Rainy Side and getting his two least impressive albums for his trouble, Jesse Winchester spent two and a half years woodshedding before returning to the record racks with Talk Memphis. For the album, he returned to his hometown and worked with producer […]