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Jen Cloher – Jen Cloher (2017)

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Jen Cloher – In Blood Memory (2013)

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JENIn Blood Memory is the latest recorded offering from somewhat reclusive Melbournian singer-songwriter Jen Cloher. In Blood Memory is a collection of songs that seem to call from that primal place where the best music and art is made. Evanescent, ill-defined, dreamily visceral, cloudy. It is the hazy place of The Velvet Underground, Bitches Brew, one-chord blues, Mark Rothko’s blur-edged canvases.
It is also very very beautiful, with a beauty that is just beyond your grasp, and far far beyond language.
A song such as ‘Name In Lights’, the album’s second track, swings between angular rock and roll (with a nicely smacked-out ‘Wild Thing’ garage breakdown in the middle) and a frenzied ending, the band almost drowning Cloher’s “There’s nothing I can do” refrain in dervish-like intensity. This coda brings to mind that of the Beatles’.

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