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Freakwater – Scheherazade (2016)

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After 10 years of no new material, Freakwater have released an eighth kickass album, Scheherazade. This Kentucky-recorded album is both haunting and alluring. Scheherazade is diverse in style but consistent in talent, an album divided between fiddling murder ballads like “What the People Want” and Southern-beachy-feeling tracks like “Velveteen Matador.” This electric-folk album presents a track that is instrumentally upbeat, and then the next is slow-going and grave. Lyrically, Scheherazade reflects on affliction and imminent death. With distant-sounding harmonies and soothing electric-sets, Freakwater manifests the best elements of a bluesy, electric, country-folk band.

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Freakwater – Thinking of You (2005)

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Surprises abound on the first release in six years from Chicago’s Freakwater. Though the Appalachian-style harmonies of Catherine Irwin and Janet Beveridge Bean remain the heart of the band’s sound, Thinking of You extends the sonic range well beyond purism or revivalism. With the backing of labelmates Califone and an eclectic group of supporting musicians, […]