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Erin McKeown – Sing You Sinners (2007)

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Erin Mckeown – Distillation (2000)

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Erin McKeown – Small Deviant Things, vol.1 (2009)

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Erin McKeown – Grand (2012)

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Erin McKeown’s third album is to be commended for its sense of adventure. There are 14 tracks on Grand and they encompass at least that number of musical styles, among them winsome indie-pop, gentle country-rock, lushly orchestrated barrel-organ stompery and pretty electronica that verges on trip-hop. When trying to frame McKeown in terms of other […]

Erin McKeown – Manifestra (2013)

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The Massachusetts-based singer/ songwriter delivers a supremely listenable record that employs gorgeous melodies, intriguing rhythmic structures, and arrangements that are brilliantly alive—yet never for the sake of how “awesome” the production sounds. Manifestra is a smart record even before the lyrics are considered. But the lyrics, excavating cultural betrayal,hypocrisy and (un)awareness’ inertia, are a massive […]

Erin McKeown – Hundreds of Lions (2009)

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Hundreds Of Lions was crafted over three years – an unprecedented, luxurious amount of time that allowed Erin to nurture new songs to life, and gave producer Sam Kassirer the freedom to produce a watershed, modern Erin McKeown album, with her voice as its center. Sam and Erin retreated to a farmhouse studio in rural […]