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Ed Kuepper – Lost Cities (2015)

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Venerated Aussie musician Ed Kuepper has announced the imminent release of new full-length Lost Cities.New album, incredibly, marks the 50th release (excluding compilations) from the former guitarist of The Saints, and boasts further milestones in being his 21st release on self-owned label Prince Melon Records, and his first entirely solo and electric — or ‘solo orchestral’, to use Kuepper’s favoured terminology — release.

“When I was a kid, I always processed recordings as a kind of singular whole, so when I started to play the guitar I wanted my playing to be the entire orchestra/band rather than just the guy strumming in the corner,” Kuepper said in a statement.

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Ed Kuepper – The Return of the Mail-Order Bridegroom (2014)

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Ed Kuepper – Second Winter (2012)

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This is essentially songs from the Electrical Storm and Rooms Of The Magnificent albums, but with completely new arrangements and feel. More in the vein of Today Wonder, for those of you who are familiar with Ed’s back catalogue.This is the 2CD “special tour edition”. The second disc is a complete live rendering of the […]