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This is Eastbound Jesus’ third studio recording and follows on from last year’s excellent live album; all this as well as a hard touring schedule since their inception in 2010. Their sound hasn’t changed a great deal in that time, nor did it need to, but there has been a ‘hardening off’ or perhaps a maturation in their hugely pleasurable take on a powerful alt. country sound that has elements of bluegrass and other roots strains. To a degree I am reminded of the Old Crow Medicine Show, not in terms of their sound but because there is an exuberance and life to their music that few other bands possess. Certainly there are other areas of similarity, such as their virtuosity, although that fiery commitment is what stands out, almost as if the two bands are interchangeable, dependant on whether they want to play alt. country or a strain of the older traditional acoustic music that the Old Crows play.

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estEastbound Jesus define themselves with the release of their third album in as many years. Northern Rock not only gives rise to the sextet’s own sound, but perhaps defines something that had previously been elusive – a sub-genre of music pumping out of the northern region of this country.  It’s something a kin to southern rock, but not quite; Northern Rock encompasses a variety of musical elements from rock to alternative country to folk-like story telling lyrics neatly packaged within each strategically placed song for an album that redefines the boundaries of Americana in the north.

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Eastbound Jesus is a phenomenal new band. Holy Smokes! displays some fantastic talent both in the instrumentation and the lyrics. They have drawn from all corners of the musical landscape, at times that aforementioned bluegrass influence shines through right alongside some garage rock, jamband and straightforward country sounds.Present on the album are a guitar, bass, banjo, drums and a lap steel guitar. These guys have a great handle on the traditional forms of writing songs and do not forget to let you know that they are young and what generation they come from. The arrangements are tight and the songs all have their share of harmonies.These vocal harmonies are far from perfect, which in my opinion makes them infinitely better. Instead of the choral feel you get from some harmonies, you get the feeling of a bunch of guys in a kick ass bar band singing their hearts out together.

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