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Deadstring Brothers – Cannery Row (2013)

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deFor years, the Deadstring Brothers lived up north while channeling the bluesy, swampy sound of the south. That changed in 2010, when frontman Kurt Marschke moved the group from Detroit to Nashville. It took another handful of years for the Deadstring Brothers to record their first album in Tennessee, though, a process that helped ramp up the rootsier aspects of the band’s sound.
Out on April 9 via Bloodshot Records, Cannery Row mixes the band’s Motor City roots with analog Americana, retro twang and a healthy obsession with Southern California’s country-rock glory days. Stream the full thing below.
“This is the first Deadstring Brothers record to be written and recorded in Nashville, actually right on Cannery Row, in the beating heart of the Music City,” Marschke says. “Cannery Row leans more toward country than any of the previous Deadstring Brothers records; it’s definitely a result of the environment I’m living in.”

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Deadstring Brothers – Starving Winter Report (2006)

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If you like The Flying Burrito Bros, and the Burritofied Stones material that followed, you are sure to love this cd. Other influences would include Dylan and maybe even a touch of Counting Crows. Terrific vocals, even if the lead does sound a bit Mick Jaggerish at times.

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