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David Olney – This Side Or The Other (2018)

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David Olney – Don’t Try To Fight It (2017)

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David Olney – Eye Of The Storm (1986)

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David Olney – Real Lies (1997)

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David Olney – When The Deal Goes Down (2014)

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David Olney – Sweet Poison (2014)

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David Olney – Predicting The Past – Rootsy Approved: Introducing Americana Music Vol. 2 (2013)

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NEW 2-CD “Rootsy Approved” set of new and retrospective David Olney music. CD #1 features “PREDICTING THE PAST” – an album of 16 new songs produced by Mr. Paul Burch (a notable performing artist and songwriter, himself) and features Grammy-award winner Dennis Crouch, Jen Gunderman, Fats Kaplin and Mr. Sergio Webb, among others. CD #2 […]

David Olney – Eye of the Storm (1996)

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Every once in a very long while, songwriters come along who become regarded as classic. The rivers of their many influences flow clear and clean through their work, but what comes out is something wholly original. Their songs sound at once timeless and fresh, with shimmers and shades from many influences flowing seamlessly into something […]

David Olney – One Tough Town (2007)

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¬†Musically, David Olney’s album One Tough Town travels backward in time. By the second track, “Sweet Poison,” he has reached the rockabilly of the 1950s; by the end, on “Rainbow’s End,” he sounds like he’s trying to re-create the hit parade of the 1920s. Especially on recent albums, Olney has investigated more basic musical styles, […]