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Cam Penner – At War with Reason (2019)

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Cam Penner – Sex & Politics (2016)

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Oh, for the album cover! A 12″ invitation to the delights within, able to be scrutinised without the aid of a magnifying glass. Cam Penner’s latest album, Sex & Politics, begs to be given the vinyl treatment if only for the listener to be able to see more clearly into the fairy lit magical space in the woods where the album was crafted. Recorded over the space of ten days in Penner’s hand built wooden shack in the back of beyond Sex & Politics is a rough hewn blast of folk, blues, Gospel and vintage rock’n’roll tempered with layers of electronic wizardry provided by sidekick Jon Wood. Pictured on the artwork, Penner and Wood are briefly glimpsed within their wooden cathedral of sound, tall pines looming on either side, a line of fairy lights offering some respite from the arboreal gloom; there’s no sight of a cauldron but they have whisked up a potent brew.

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Cam Penner – To Build A Fire (2012)

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Consistent guy who Cam Penner. One year after the excellent album Gypsy Summer surprised his fans with his latest album To Build A Fire. Cam and his solid musical companion Jon Wood in the Americana genre produced an exemplary album, dedicated to both their fathers. The men play a zip tools that they songs Cams […]