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Bob Malone – Mojo Deluxe (2015)

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On Bob Malone’s new album Mojo Deluxe, the keyboardist whacks listeners’ ears to attention with the skill he has honed over a lifetime of playing blues, soul and rock ‘n roll, reminding us that real blues music comes not from the instruments but from the feeling behind each note.Mojo Deluxe arrives as Malone’s eighth solo album, the first of which was released 14 years ago. When he’s not working on solo projects, the Los Angeles-based artist can be found supporting musician friends onstage, including John Fogerty, whom Malone has toured with for four years.

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Bob Malone – Ain’t What You Know (2009)

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Bob Malone  plays keyboards with rock legend John Fogerty, and continues a long running and successful solo career. He plays a one-of-a-kind hybrid of blues, rock, and New Orleans R&B, delivered with high-energy piano virtuosity and soulful vocals.