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Bob Lind – Magellan Was Wrong (2016)

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Bob Lind – Finding You Again (2012)

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41 years after releasing his last solo album, and 46 years after Elusive Butterfly briefly made him a star, Bob Lind has unexpectedly returned with a new album.More than four decades after his retreat from the spotlight, Lind’s music sounds at once fresh and familiar the lyrics have the same elliptical, poetic bent as his work of the ’60s, and most of the time they’re just as pleasantly cryptic as you recall, but the melodies and arrangements suggest Lind has been making a real effort to keep up with the times. If the results sometimes sound like an oddball fusion of ’70s soft rock and benign new age meandering, at the very least, you can’t say he’s trying to mimic the folk-rock of his best-known work.

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