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Amparo Sanchez – Espiritu del Sol (2014)

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After his first solo album in 2010 Tucson-Habana and Alma Cantaora two years later, the Spanish flamenco singer is releasing this Espiritu del Sol which erects the rank of one of the most charismatic, communicative and friendly voice on the music scene Spanish. Passion for the bolero, rumba and even the Argentine cuarteto, all highlighted by the desert heat given off by the production of Joey Burns of Calexico, this recorded at Studio Wavelab in Tucson opus also hosts other friends and musicians Calexico as John Convertino (drums), Sergio Mendoza (keyboard, accordion), Ryan Alfred (bass), Jacob Valenzuela (trumpet) and The Mariachi Luz de Luna.

Amparo Sanchez – Tucson-Habana (2010)

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When Spanish singer Amparo Sanchez  made her first British appearance, six years ago, it was as at a memorable show at the Royal Festival Hall in which her band, Amparanoia, provided the support for the Arizona indie rockers Calexico, who then invited her to join them on stage. The Sanchez-Calexico connection has continued ever since, and her first solo album involves three members of Calexico, including guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Joey Burns and trumpeter Jacob Valenzuela. Back in the Amparanoia days, she was a female answer to Manu Chao, specialising in good-time mestizo fusions in which Spanish influences were mixed with reggae, salsa or hip-hop. Now she has moved on. There are still echoes of her former style but, for the most part, this is a thoughtful, soulful set, dominated by self-composed ballads about survival, pain and love. The backing varies from Calexico’s epic, twanging guitar and south-of-the border brass soundscapes to the slinky piano work of Oscar Ferret, with the Buena Vista veteran Omara Portuondo joining Sanchez on the upbeat La Parrandita de las Santas. She may have calmed down but she is still taking chances, and singing better than ever.

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