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Air Review – Low Wishes (2013)

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AIRLike the comparable Arcade Fire, Air Review have sought to present themselves as symbols, but there’s a key difference: Arcade Fire were already symbols, and The Suburbs was a commentary on their “people”, if you will. Low Wishes is more of a suggestion of representation than a commentary. Air Review, somewhat miraculously, manage to pull off their label debut with such poise that there’s not even a hint of arrogance or pretension to be found however. Take the meditative chorus of “America’s Son”, probably the album’s highlight, as an example: “I am America’s son / and I’m not the only one / I am America’s son / and I’m so inclined to run”. There’s a universality to Low Wishes that also manifests itself in their musical style to a certain extent. Low Wishes generally sounds like your stereotypical, 2010’s indie rock record, but they manage to pull it off so confidently that it’s not worth criticizing them for it.

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