Taarka – Fading Mystery (2017)

Posted by on May 17, 2017
in folk

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Formed around husband and wife vocalists Enion Pelta-Tiller on five-string violin and David Tiller on mandolin and electric guitar, Taarka have, in different incarnations, been around for some 15 years, the current line-up featuring upright bassist Troy Robey and guitarist Mike Robinson, dipping into gypsy jazz, bluegrass and folk along the way. Four years ago their home/studio was destroyed in the Colorado floods, both it and the 10th anniversary of her brother’s death feeding into the songs here, recorded live in a one room cabin on the banks of eastern Virginia’s Potomac River.
The title of the album opener, Carried Away, clearly nods to the former, but is more about new starts and being one with nature as she sings “find your love and bring it on home, don’t forget where you belong.” Written and sung by David, with its rippling mandolin Polyamorous Polly Ann is a playful shanty-ish tale of a woman for whom monogamy isn’t an option.

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