Superfood – Don’t Say That (2014)

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There was no better decade than the 90s for Birmingham indie four-piece Superfood – or at least that’s what their debut album Don’t Say That seems to say. For their dedication to Britpop’s golden years, look no further than the band’s website, fashioned in the aesthetic of BBC’s Ceefax teletext service and prefaced by an imitation arcade game, or the chugging guitar melodies and bobbing basslines of singles Right on Satellite and Melting. Superfood wear their 90s alt-rock influences on their sleeves and thus run the risk of being shunted aside as yet another nostalgia-rock band. Luckily, they do justify themselves thanks to the winning combination of singer Dom Ganderton’s Supergrass-esque falsetto and guitarist Ryan Malcolm’s vigourous, playful riffs. It’s not all Britpop-inspired either: there are notes of early Vines, Howling Bells and Radiohead, too. At its weaker moments the album feels frustratingly backward-facing, but is played with enough skill to compensate for its lack of ingenuity.

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