Steven Page – Discipline: Heal Thyself, Pt. II (2018)

Posted by Green on September 16, 2018as

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Former Barenaked Ladies frontman Steven Page releases his incredible new album ‘Discipline: Heal Thyself Pt. II’!

From the epic soulful ‘Looking For The Light’ to the politically charged power-pop of ‘White Noise’ the album is replete with excellent eclectic songs that show Page is headed somewhere he’s never been before.

Lyrically it will stop at nothing to knock you on your ass. He asks a lot of questions but he doesn’t like giving answers. He’d rather have the conversation in the song. And on Discipline: Heal Thyself, Pt. II, it’s one hell of a conversation.

Recorded at Fresh Baked Woods Studios just outside of Toronto and Vancouver’s Doghouse of Thunder Studio, with long time live bands Odds, The Original Six, and with the help of frequent collaborator Craig Northey, Discipline is Page’s fifth solo album and the spiritual follow-up to 2016’s Heal Thyself, Pt. I: Instinct.

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