Steve Earle – Early Tracks (1987)

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This collection of the songs Steve Earle recorded before his full-length debut, Guitar Town, in 1986 is interesting only as a historical document. In fact, there’s very little here to predict the eye for detail that would soon emerge. Most of the 14 songs here are rockabilly-like numbers that sound downright generic due to cliched lyrics and tepid playing. Even on songs he’d later rerecord more successfully–most notably “The Devil’s Right Hand”–the insights are muted by how far Earle has to go as a singer. This portrait of the artist as a young man is more like a sketch, and none too revealing.


01. Nothin’ But You (2:28)
02. If You Need a Fool (2:14)
03. Continental Trailways Blues (2:23)
04. Open Up Your Door (2:10)
05. Breakdown Lane (3:04)
06. Squeeze Me In (2:35)
07. Annie, Is Tonight the Night (2:36)
08. My Baby Worships Me (2:11)
09. Cadillac (2:43)
10. Devil’s Right Hand (3:02)
11. What’ll You Do About Me? (2:41)
12. Cry Myself to Sleep (3:02)
13. A Little Bit in Love (2:25)
14. The Crush (3:22)

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