Status Quo – Whatever You Want 1979 [Deluxe Edition] (2016)

Posted by on August 11, 2016
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Z320 kbps | 283 MB | UL | BF

Two CD Deluxe version of one of Status Quo’s definitive albums – originally released in 1979 it has the live classic Whatever You Want and the Hit single Living on an Island. This version has been re- mastered by Andy Pearce with the assistance of ‘5th band member Bob Young’ from the original tapes and has a bonus disc of B-Sides and the us version of the album which was titled Now Hear This over there. An enhanced booklet contains new notes and interviews by Classic Rock’s Dave Ling and also features rare photos and memorabilia from the bands personal collection.

Disc: 1
1. Whatever You Want
2. Shady Lady
3. Who Asked You
4. Your Smiling Face
5. Living on An Island
6. Come Rock with Me
7. Rockin’ on
8. Runaway
9. High Flyer
10. Breaking Away

Disc: 2
1. Hard Ride (Single B-Side)
2. Living on An Island (Single (Edited Version))
3. Bad Company (Demo)
4. Shady Lady (Demo)
5. Rearrange (Demo)
6. Living on An Island (American Re-Mix (Riva) – Now Hear This)
7. Who Asked You (American Re-Mix (Riva) – Now Hear This)
8. Whatever You Want (American Re-Mix (Riva) – Now Hear This)
9. Come Rock with Me (American Re-Mix (Riva) – Now Hear This)
10. Rockin’ on (American Re-Mix (Riva) – Now Hear This)
11. Runaway (American Re-Mix (Riva) – Now Hear This)
12. High Flyer (American Re-Mix (Riva) – Now Hear This)
13. Breaking Away (American Re-Mix (Riva) – Now Hear This)
14. Living on An Island (Early Demo)
15. Living on An Island (Demo / Backing Track)

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