Sophia Pfister – Birdcage (2018)

Posted by Green on December 5, 2018as

320 kbps | 87 MB | LINKS

The music is superbly crafted Baroque Pop. The use of chamber instruments like trumpet, pedal steel, banjo, marimba, and tabla give the songs a special shimmer. The mix is absolutely perfect, with the players spread across an imaginary sound stage. Some of these tracks would fit right in to a film noir soundtrack. The late night mood can be unsettling because of the sheer honesty of Pfister’s delivery.

The recording is absolutely superb. It is a very intimate sound, it almost sounds like the listener is eaves-dropping on the Pfister in the studio. Her voice is remarkably presented, and the dynamics are incredibly natural. If only all pop and rock recordings were done this way. It really makes a difference when one is drawn in, as opposed to being repelled. This may be one of the reasons that this record is addicting. It feels, forgive us, organic, unforced, and assured, yet the artist’s vulnerability comes through, a very neat trick.

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