Slackeye Slim – El Santo Grial: La Pistola Piadosa (2011)

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Imagine for a moment that instead of becoming a visionary film director, Sergio Leone had chosen to be a record producer. Imagine that all of the vast, meticulously detailed landscapes painted within the frames of his films were constrained to your mind’s eye as you heard only the sounds and the vision of a great artist. Imagine that the music he produced told an epic, violent, but ultimately human saga of a mythic West that never really existed anywhere, not even in Hollywood. A West stuck somewhere between hard, brutal realism and blatant fantasy, between the costly mistakes of our past and our apocalyptic future. And while you’re at it, imagine that Ennio Morricone wanted to be Link Wray when he grew up.For the remainder of the album, Slackeye Slim delivers a series of rockers and ballads rooted in guys like Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and The Cramps alongside melancholy spoken word vignettes and although there are definite highlights (such as “Vengeance Gonna Be My Name”), this is music that is best appreciated in the context of the record.

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