Sidi Toure – Afrik Toun Mé (2020)

Posted by Green on September 29, 2020as

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Sidi Touré is one of Mali’s most enduring and buoyant artists. As a master of Songhaï Music, Touré has been lauded for his dynamic and emotive voice both as the leader of the Songhaï Stars and on his own. Following the boisterous full band of arrangements of 2018’s Toubalbero, Afrik Toun Mé is an album of intimate comforts and subtle beauties. Touré, joined by virtuoso guitarist Mamadou Kelly and calabash player Boubou Diallo, blends parables and tales of inspiration that honor courage and resilience in the face of trial and tragedy. The spare and arresting songs of Afrik Toun Mé (in English, Africa Must Unite) captures the familiarity and personal touch of life’s small communions with the sincerity and poise that are indelible to Sidi Touré.

01. Woura (5:00)
02. Bortchin (4:22)
03. Wakey Kama (4:22)
04. Irkoy Gonda Hini (7:41)
05. Guara Tcha Jina (4:25)
06. Farra Woba (4:23)
07. Tchaw Yan (4:54)
08. Acharia (4:50)

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