Savoy Brown – Hellbound Train, Live 1969-1972 (2003)

Posted by Green on September 12, 2021as

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Hellbound Train Live: 1969-1972 is one retrospective set that’s way overdue: Savoy Brown live during their glory years. Here are two CDs worth of the mightiest, sludgiest blues-rock band on the planet during those years – well, the possible exception of Cream – featuring, on a decent – and best – portion of it, the greatest white blues singer in history: Chris Youlden. Youlden was everything to Savoy Brown because not only could he sing, but he was an outrageous frontman and wrote much of the band’s best material. He is featured here on “I’m Tired,” “Hard Way to Go,” “A Littler More Wine,” and a truncated but earthshaking “Savoy Brown Boogie.”

01. I’m Tired (Live)
02. Hard Way to Go (Live)
03. A Little More Wine (Live)
04. Savoy Brown Boogie No. 2 (Live)
05. Louisiana Blues (Live)
06. Memory Pain (Live)
07. Leaving Again (Live)
08. Shake Rattle and Roll (Live)

01. I Want You to Love Me (Live)
02. Money Can’t Save Your Soul (Live)
03. Looking From the Outside (Live)
04. Hellbound Train (Live)
05. All I Can Do (Live)
06. So Tired (Live)
07. Let It Rock (Live)
08. The Saddest Feeling (Live)
09. Jack the Toad (Live)
10. I Hate to See You Go (Live)
11. Love Me Please (Live)
12. Tell Mama (Live)

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