Sarabeth Tucek – Get Well Soon (2011)

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New York native Sarabeth Tucek is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter whose smoky vocals, profound lyrics and bangin’ instrumentals give her a triple-threat edge.

Get Well Soon, Tucek’s sophomore album, is a collection of intimate songs with a dark tone. The album begins with “The Wound and the Bow,” an eerie track highlighted by Tucek’s high-pitched vocals. Although not the strongest song on the album, this sort opening track acts as a good transition into a much stronger piece, “Wooden.” Starting off with an almost Western sound, “Wooden” fades into Tucek’s soft melody and then into a surprise guitar riff about halfway through. From this point on, the listener gets a taste of both Tucek’s acoustic and electric guitar talents. The album goes full circle near the conclusion with yet another eerie track with few vocals, “Exit Ghost.” This song, however, is much more fitting than the first, and it leads right into the final and highlight track, “Get Well Soon.”

Tucek’s vocals are the greatest strength of Get Well Soon. Although the first track is not a standout, it exemplifies the peak of Tucek’s pitch. On the other side of the spectrum, Tucek displays her ability to shift tones quickly with the likes of “Fireman,” where she sings in a much lower key. Throughout the album, Tucek proves that her voice is malleable enough to convey a tender, angelic tone in one song and a classic rock ‘n’ roll sound in another.

Tucek’s lyrical talent really defines Get Well Soon. Her verses read like poetry, both because of the rhymes and the mellifluous words. In “Smile for No One,” she sings, “And when we are together/ we dream we are apart/ Forever drifting/ between the light and dark.” Equally strong is this line from “Get Well Soon:” “I knew I was sad/ I recognized it was bad/ But now looking back/ I see my mind/ it was cracked.”

Although Tucek is a novice musician, she has a lot of potential — and, in that she possesses the talents to write and perform her music, she has already surpassed many of her peers. If Get Well Soon is any indication of the direction Tucek is headed, expect big things in the years to come.

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