Rosalie Sorrels – If I Could Be the Rain (1967/2020)

Posted by Green on October 28, 2020
in folk

320 kbps | LINKS

We met Rosalie in Salt Lake City nearly thirty years ago, and one evening of listening to her sing her own songs and those of Utah Phillips convinced US that here was a woman we really wanted to record. She and Mitch Greenhill, whose lead guitar greatly enhances this recording, came to our home (at that time we were in Vermont) and put together some of the best contemporary music of the folk revival. Her influences? Well, how about Ella Fitzgerald on the one hand and Montana Slim on the other?

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  • G Lewis says:

    One of the great, relatively unsung recordings of the early singer/songwriter era. Similar in that respect to Karen Dalton’s Woodstock album–though the two sound nothing like each other. Highly recommended!

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