Roky Erickson &The Explosives – Live At The Whisky 1981 (2022)

Posted by Green on February 28, 2022as

320 | FLAC


01. Heroin (Live)
02. Bermuda (Live)
03. You’re Gonna Miss Me (Live)
04. I Walked With A Zombie (Live)
05. White Faces (Live)
06. I Think Of Demons (Live)
07. The Beast (Live)
08. The Interpreter (Live)
09. Starry Eyes (Live)
10. Don’t Shake Me Lucifer (Live)
11. Stand For The Fire Demon (Live)
12. Creature With The Atom Brain (Live)
13. Two Headed Dog (Live)
14. I’ve Just Seen A Face (Live)
15. Bloody Hammer (Live)
16. Hide Behind The Sun (Live (Bonus Track))

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