Rob Arthur – New Way Home (2015)

Posted by on January 19, 2016
in rock

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New Way Home is Rob’s second solo release. This recording finds him singing brighter than on the first record, finding his full voice as a frontman. Rob has been the keyboardist / right hand man for Peter Frampton the past 11 years, as well as being a top musician and singer in the classic rock world for many years, working with virtually everyone on classic rock radio, from Steve Cropper to Five For Fighting and everyone in between!
His music has been labelled, “blue eyed soul”, encompassing Rock to R&B…all with soul and emotion.
Honest, upbeat and groovin’, to anyone who’s heard good music before, they’ll dig this shit…

Peter Frampton
Will Lee
Charley Drayton
Vinnie Colaiuta
Stan Sheldon
Adam Lester
Jason Scheff
Damon Johnson
Gary Sieger
Jimi Ruccolo
Joan Osborne

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