Richard Thompson – Still [Deluxe Edition] (2015)

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‘Still’ was recorded in a two-story rehearsal loft in Chicago over the course of just nine days with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy at the helm, backed by several longtime players from both Thompson’s and Tweedy’s bands. Thompson enlisted Tweedy’s production skills in an effort to shake up his own creative approach to making records. “It turned out be really good idea,” says Thompson. “Jeff is musically very sympathetic. Although some of his contributions are probably rather subtle to the listener’s ear, they were really interesting and his suggestions were always very pertinent.”

“I really tried to not have any preconceived ideas,” Thompson says of working with Tweedy, “but of course you do. I tried to shove those to the back of my mind. You don’t really know until you turn up – what the studio is like, what the gear is like. It ended up being a nice unfolding of surprises.”

The key to Still’s emotional resonance is a set of gripping new Thompson compositions rich with his signature mix of trenchant insight, gallows humor, and keen empathy for characters at the brink of being overcome by their emotions, their pasts, or themselves.



1. She Never Could Resist A Winding Road 04:27
2. Beatnik Walking 03:54
3. Patty Don t You Put Me Down 04:30
4. Broken Doll 03:51
5. All Buttoned Up 04:07
6. Josephine 03:24
7. Long John Silver 04:00
8. Pony In The Stable 02:44
9. Where s Your Heart 04:05
10. No Peace, No End 04:15
11. Dungeons For Eyes 03:49
12. Guitar Heroes 07:40

Deluxe Edition (bonus disc:
1. Fork in the Road 4.26
2. Wounding Myself 3.58
3. The May Queen 5.15
4. Don’t Take It Lying Down 6.53
5. Fergus Laing 4.33

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