Richard & Linda Thompson – First Light [Extended Edition] (1978)

Posted by Green on September 11, 2022as

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After Linda Thompson sang on Richard’s solo debut in 1972, the two wed and kicked off a legendary decade that remains one of the highlights of all British folk rock. Through an often rocky marriage (which included Richard and an unwilling Linda joining a devout Sufi commune), the couple combined his stellar instrumental chops and brutally sad songwriting with her exquisite voice on classics such as 1974’s I WANT TO SEE THE BRIGHT LIGHTS TONIGHT and 1975’s POUR DOWN LIKE SILVER. The duo supported their most commercially and critically successful record, 1982’s SHOOT OUT THE LIGHTS, with a final tour marked by the notably public dissolution of their relationship.


01. Restless Highways
02. Sweet Surrender
03. Don’t Let A Thief Steal Into Your Heart
04. The Choice Wife
05. Died For Love
06. Strange Affair
07. Layla
08. Pavanne
09. House Of Cards
10. First Light
11. Strange Affair (Demo)
12. Drunk (Demo)
13. The Dust Of Your Road (Demo)
14. Layla (Demo)
15. Died For Love (Demo)
16. First Light (Demo)


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