Rich Hopkins And Luminarios – Tombstone (2014)

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Rich Hopkins (San Jacinto Records) is pleased to announce the September 30, 2014 release date of “Tombstone,”* the 15th album released with The Luminarios. Shil K. Patel of Team Clermont is spearheading radio promotion to Triple A and College markets; Mike Lembo and the team at Funzalo Marketing & Management Services are overseeing marketing activities. The album is scheduled to be released on January 1, 2015 in Germany on Blue Rose Records.

Recorded and produced by Hopkins, Lisa Novak, andLars Goransson in Austin, Texas “Tombstone” features bassist George Reiff (Joe Walsh Band), guitarist Jon Sanchez (Alejandro Escovedo, Bob Schneider), and George Duron on drums. Novak, an award winner singer/ songwriter from Houston, who is also Hopkins’ wife and partner in music, is highlighted as a vocalist and songwriter. The title track was recorded in Tucson with Alan Anderson (drums), Damon Barnaby (guitar), Duane Hollis (Greyhound Soul) on bass, and Sanchez.

Hopkins, who has been a part of the American music scene since 1985, is, amazingly, still an undiscovered talent to some. A founding member of the Tuscon-based Sidewinders (RCA 1989-91)/Sand Rubies (Polygram 1993), Hopkins has released 26 albums in total. “Tombstone,”showcases his “wall of guitar” hallmark and cries out “classic rock is alive and well.” Lyrically,Hopkins‘ distinct personality and keen observations of the world around him provide the content for songs influenced by the changing times and a desire to avoid living in the past.

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