Resonance Chamber – Escape Characters (2018)

Posted by Green on February 11, 2018
in rock

320 kbps | 104 MB | LINKS

Feet firmly planted in American classic rock, three musicians with a long and varied history of musical flavors – Classical to Country, Folk to Flamenco, Motown to Metal, and Salsa to Ska – combine to create the uniquely spiced synergy of Resonance Chamber. Each of these singer/songwriters brings a distinctive dish to the table, whether untethered energy, pensive ballad, dark ironic poetry, or manically goofy love-song, taking turns as chef, sous chef, and server to bring you something uniquely delicious. The result is modern American rock the way it should be played: with a big heart, a deep soul, and peppered with a bit of reckless abandon. Here are 10 original entrees about love, life, death, & taxes – bon appetit!

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