Rench – Them’s the Breaks (2017)

Posted by Green on March 2, 2018as

320 kbps | 124 MB | LINKS

This full length album showcases an eclectic honky- tonk “bang and twang” sound. His uniquely broad and deep recipe brings together a rich tapestry of American styles. In Them’s the Breaks, Rench presents a masterful treatise that ties the sincerity and plaintiveness of classic honky-tonk with a hipster’s facility with irony and post-modern reference. It pulls in heavy beat samples and turntable scratching, twangy steel guitar, swampy delta blues, and contemplative folky understatement, and somehow it just works. This is a cosmopolitan incorporation of the best of America’s populist musical traditions, where the outlaw gunslinger is at home as a figure in the music of Bakersfield or the music of Bed-Stuy, and Rench’s take will provoke thought while getting your head bobbing.

This solo project highlights three up and coming vocalists. Amanda Neill (on Milwaukee Honeymoon, Forty Dollar Dress, and I Hope You Sing When I Die), Mamie Minch (Shootout) and Jessica Basta ( Hey Rattler).

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