Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here / Animals: Unissued Alternate Studio Recordings 1975-1976 (2016)

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Now two years ago to leave, outtakes collection was suddenly appeared in the beginning of 2014 as “WISH YOU WERE HERE”, “ANIMALS” was revived in the ultimate quality. The advent of the impact, why overseas auction “FROM ABBEY ROAD TO BRITTANIA ROW – THE EXTRACTION TAPES” and entitled LP. In Sigma label, subjected to repair as much as possible to PINK FLOYD Hen of the original LP, and conducted a press CD as a “WISH YOU WERE HERE OUTTAKES” “ANIMALS OUTTAKES”. It was a very popular title to be sold out in the blink of an eye. Then, there has emerged cassette sound source to be a large book also, this work is what has been remastered the cassette sound source pouring core mania cardiovascular overseas.
Of course, since I have a Omoto cassette to the source, it just is sound that exceeds the existing airport is like was promised, phenomenal what remaster is subjected. And not a little, such easy as equalizing, one one the noise (manually!) Carefully removed, do not miss gap of only 0.025 seconds, even distortion of 0.2dB also. If things no matter fall is one channel even momentarily, compensation is topped up from the other channel. Mania that made the work has said that “I would also found repair After listening with headphones,” but, it’s a tremendous workmanship you do not think only the dough is heard it is excessive humility also. Of course, because it is the only mania to spare no effort, understanding of music is also deep. Manet, such as breaking the sound that the original cassette had originally in extra equalization does not have any.
Out Takes it is revived in such a perfect specification, recording itself is essentially the same as “WISH YOU WERE HERE OUTTAKES” “ANIMALS OUTTAKES”. And wrote a “basically” is, two of its outstanding CD because that is based on the LP, take that have been added in the production process of the “Original cassette → LP” I does not contain. Its take two of “Wish You Were Here (with Stephane Grappelli)” and “Pigs On The Wing Parts 1 & 2 (Extended Version)”. The former is the same to take the official CD “IMMERSION BOX”, the latter is the same as the competent board of Snowy White “GOLD TOP”. LP of authors to Will was to add it considered “a different take of the album songs”, but was recorded in order to deliver its outstanding CD also impact LP in the best sound, this theme rather than LP, original cassette version. Another excavation of the take is not is not. Although it is not a Instead, CM of the album that was broadcast on the radio at the time of the 1977 “ANIMALS” release has been recorded.

Such this work is started with “Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-8)”. “I WISH YOU WERE HERE OUTTAKES” when has also appeared, but epic, which has been divided into two parts at the official album that is heard at once in the same way as the 1974 UK tour has become a hot topic, this time the ultimate sound version It is. “Part 5” Sachs Dick Parry in also the moment that leads to the “Part 6” in the uncut without SE wind. In that impressed even more vivid, it revived in perfect form. Of course, the work stage different from the each part also official album. Decor fragment of the abortive to intro “HOUSEHOLD PROJECT” “Part 1”. Guitar solo of Dave Gilmour is completely different phrase from the middle “Part 2”. Countless minor differences to be “Part 8” … other such like to end without leading to official funk-style jam session continue to fade out, “Part 9”. Further subsequent “Welcome To The Machie” is also to demo version that seems to Roger to back the inorganic rhythm of VCS3 has recorded the most (there a guitar using the talk box of Gilmore), “Have A Cigar “also” IMMERSION BOX “” EXPERIENCE EDITION “and also different, live arrangement as it is of Alternative version of the 1975 North American tour. Vocals to Roger and Gilmore have sung by two people, is the last also listen firmly until the play end without fade-out take.

Take the degree of impact does not change even in the “ANIMALS” Hen. It is not a take difference with from the “Sheep” and edit difference far from the freshness of the ride to. After all, “Raving and drooling I fell on his neck with a scream ……” “Raving & Drooling” of the 1975 North American tour that begins to sing and as it is in the initial version, the intro is not an electric piano-based, such as “One of These Days” . Moreover, the mere initial arrangement of not only, it also Roger’s vocals a tremendous intense version.
Followed by “Dogs”, the version that what Roger sing. “BRITISH WINTER TOUR 1974” only to Gilmore was singing even in the early stages of, is this also ridiculous shock track. Also different lyrics, but singing and especially not in the official album in the last “Who was fitted by bridle and bit?” “Who was given a seat in the stand?” “Who was forcing his way to the rain?”. Also the difference is greater in the playing arrangements surface, in addition to all of the performance from the count is not a fade-in to listen, or at the interlude part loop part of the “stone ……” that was unfinished, where once the music is interrupted, and returns to the intro . Guitar keyboard also heard everywhere is different phrase from the official album, is another at all the late guitar solo.
“Pigs” is there a version closest to the final version, but still to overdub been vocal is another take, part of the SE and the chorus of pig, guitar solo is not like using the talk box, pretty impressive differences You. The last of the “Sheep Sound Effects” is, “ANIMALS OUTTAKES” In the “Message From The Sheep (Field Recording),” a track that has been credit, followed the notation of mania in which the re-mastering work here.

Although we have been explains the very narrow To point, even without the one the one they care, what song is a masterpiece take complete set different impression at all just heard the package. One that many were revived in history highest quality of such impact take, and this one was increased as there can be no more the original cassette. Of the miracle that gave birth to the exquisite work and love of mania similar to tenacity sound, please taste please freely.


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    What language is that review in?

  • Brian Stanbrook says:

    What tracks are on it?

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  • ZigZag Wanderer says:

    Thanks, Green?

  • hungrypirate says:

    This is the greatest review I have read in a long time.

  • Sam says:

    From Discogs…

    Wish You Were Here
    1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-8)
    2 Welcome To The Machine
    3 Have A Cigar
    4 Sheep (Raving And Drooling)
    5 Dogs
    6 Pigs (Three Different Ones)
    7 Sheep Sound Effects
    Bonus Track
    8 1977 Radio Spot For Animals LP (KWST-FM)

    Definitive versions of Wish You Were Here & Animals outtakes

  • Gary I says:

    This is the best review since the book “Jimmy James: Capitalist Lion Tamer” was translated into Japanese and then back into English again to be released as “Jimmy James, Macho Business Donkey Wrestler”.

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