Phobophobes – Miniature World (2018)

Posted by Green on March 12, 2018as

320 kbps | 106 MB | LINKS

After lurking in the fecund swamp of South London for what feels like a lifetime, filthy psych party-of-6 Phobophobes have finally surfaced with debut album Miniature World held high above their heads. Relentless gigging centred around the now-famous Windmill (adopted home of other breakthrough acts like Shame, Sorry and Goat Girl) has hardened them into a well-weathered outfit, as comfortable whipping a crowd into a raging tempest as sipping pints at the bar. The album, a tumultuous and unbridled melting pot of psych-rock, is their spoil of war. It’s just unfortunate that a wide-reaching streak of inventive creativity ends 20 minutes before the album does.

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