Phish – The Complete Baker’s Dozen [36CD Box Set] (2018)

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The Complete Baker’s Dozen Box Set includes every note of music from the historic 13-night run on 36 discs. Each show has been remixed for this release by award winning engineer Elliot Scheiner. Included in the fully custom box are all 13 shows, an extensive 86-page book with full color photographs from the run and an extensive essay, Baker’s Dozen setlist journals, tickets from the run, a patch, a complete set of 8 mini-prints from the run and a brand spankin’ new Jim Pollock Baker’s Dozen 7”x10” print (signed by JP) to accompany the box and more.

Night 1: Tonight’s Flavor Coconut – July 21st 2017
Night 2: Tonight’s Flavor Strawberry – July 22nd 2017
Night 3: Tonight’s Flavor Red Velvet – July 23rd 2017
Night 4: Tonight’s Flavor Jam Filled – July 25th 2017
Night 5: Tonight’s Flavor Powdered – July 26th 2017
Night 6: Tonight’s Flavor Double Chocolate – July 28th 2017
Night 7: Tonight’s Flavor Cinnamon – July 29th 2017
Night 8: Tonight’s Flavor Jimmes – July 30th 2017
Night 9: Tonight’s Flavor Maple – August 1st 2017
Night 10: Tonight’s Flavor Holes – August 2nd 2017
Night 11: Tonight’s Flavor Lemon – August 4th 2017
Night 12: Tonight’s Flavor Boston Cream – August 5th 2017
Night 13: Tonight’s Flavor Glazed – August 6th 2017

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