Philip Ancher – Hoist Every Sail! (2021)

Posted by Green on January 31, 2022as


Hoist Every Sail  are 16-cuts that explore vintage styles but are rendered in a well-articulated earthy brand. The energy is consistent & though there have been singers in the past (Clifford T. Ward, Paul Brady & Pierce Turner) who have explored these types of songs Ancher maintains his originality of approach.

Even in his quiet moments (“Angel of the Lake”) Philip maintains an instinctive fairytale beauty without becoming bombastic or long-winded. He goes from soft tonality to Christian-rocker Steve Taylor’s vocal ruggedness with finesse. He adds soulfulness where you’d least expect it.

Produced/arranged by Ancher (vocals/acoustic guitars/piano), with Steffen Schackinger (acoustic/electric guitars, banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, cello, keyboards) & Jane Clark (violin), Thomas Moller (piano), Dan Rasmussen (bass) & Dennis Pedersen (drums/percussion).

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